сегодня - зимне-рождественско-новогодняя подборка

праздничного настроения всем ;)

so many hopes

so many dreams

so many gifts under the tree

needful things and passing whims and fleeing bits of luxury

there they wait for to surprise some eagerly awaiting eyes.

but at that very moment time starts counting down to their demise

for every dearest darling prize will hear that chilling thrilling chime

and become unwanted toys

for everything must break in time.

all will end up in a cave, a landfill or a shallow grave.

the earth will take what she can take and wretch the rest up in a wave.

poisoned, is the earth for years

from all the trinkets we held dear.

so spare the earth this holiday

give love and friendship

hope and cheer

things one needn't wrap, my dears.

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